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Video created by RV with Tito DIY
I'll show you how to install a ceiling mounted shower curtain and build custom splash guards. This DIY upgrade will create MORE SPACE in your shower (and bathroom) plus give you more options for decorating. I'll also demonstrate how to build waterproof walls out of foam insulation.
ICE Cream AND Cold Beer While Camping! BougeRV Portable Fridge/Freezer (Review)
Video created by RV with Tito DIY
A portable 12 volt DC refrigerator / freezer with a large capacity and low price. Is it any good? Can it keep ice cream frozen and beer ice cold at the same time? My review of the BougeRV 53 quart portable refrigerator/freezer combo.
Composting Toilet In A RV - What They Don't Tell You
Video created by Lyf Uninterrupted
Composting toilets are gaining in popularity due to their environmentally friendly nature. Some people love them and some people hate them. Our goal in this video is to talk about the dirty truth when it comes to composting toilets and talk about what you need to know when deciding whether or not a composting toilet is for you.
8 Best Portable Power Stations (Buying Guide 2020)
Video created by Electric Future
Portable power stations are like having an electrical outlet in a box. Power is stored in a giant rechargeable lithium battery inside the unit, and these power packs are equipped with AC outlets, DC outlets, and USB charging ports to power a variety of devices including phones, laptops, televisions, and even AC appliances like a refrigerator.
Top 5 Tools to Keep in your RV
Video created by RV Education 101
In the RV 101 how to video, Mark Polk with RV Education 101 discusses the top 5 tools new RV owners and experienced RV owners alike should keep in their travel trailer or motorhome.

RV RENOVATION ON A BUDGET - Step by Step RV Makeover
Video created by Liz Fenwick DIY
Today's video is a RV Renovation on a budget. Step by step RV Makeover.
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