How to Remove Vinyl Decals From Your RV

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This New Old RV - The Renovation and Redo
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Vinyl Graphics really add a nice touch to RVs, enhancing the overall look of the rig. But just like us, our rigs are getting older. Things start to dry out and crack, losing their appeal. It's time for a makeover!
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Here's some of the items we've chosen to get the job done:

A heat gun:
It doesn't take a powerful heat gun to remove vinyl decals, so we choose this economical heat gun from Wagner.

Plastic razor blades:
These razor blades are made by a company named Titan. Regular metal razor blades are not only dangerous, but can dig into fiberglass, ruining the surface of the RV.

Rapid Remover adhesive spray:
This helps remove the adhesive, but is gentle enough to not damage the exterior of your RV.

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